Our objective

Amberfield is seeking to acquire a small to medium size business in the United States. The acquisition search and company operations will be led by Ryan Turk with capital, expertise, and guidance provided by his group of investors.

Why us

Amberfield is advantageous for a business owner seeking liquidity and the opportunity to step back from management responsibilities. We can complete a transaction in a timely, professional, and financially beneficial manner.

The following table outlines how Amberfield is different than other options:

Amberfield Partners

Private Equity Fund

Competitor Acquisition

Values &


Full commitment to one company and long-term value creation with no preset exit deadline

Manage a portfolio and interested in short-term value creation and investment exit.

Company is absorbed into a subsidiary or division of larger entity 

Ownership Transition

Owner can transition day-to-day responsibilities

Typically requires 2-3 year commitment and financial stake from owner


Deal Terms

One point of contact. Flexible terms to ensure interests of all parties involved

​​​Complex; seller usually at a disadvantage dealing against large team

​​​Long term compensation based on future performance

What we're looking for

Amberfield is seeking a quality business with a track record of profitability and growth. The right business has these fundamental qualities:

  • At least $5M in revenue

  • History of profitability

  • Predictable revenues

  • High customer satisfaction and retention