Amberfield is a partnership between entrepreneur Ryan Turk and his investor-advisors who are themselves successful entrepreneurs and CEOs.

     Thanks for taking time to learn more about me. I have a passion for

leading in technical settings and over the last ten years I’ve had the

opportunity to gain leadership experience in operations, product

development, and in sales. My dream now is to lead a company that

uses technology to serve its customers.

     I moved around the country growing up, but went to high school

and college in Atlanta. I attended Georgia Tech with a Navy scholarship

to study mechanical engineering. I met my wife Kristen there, and

we’ve been married for 10 years now. Kristen is a youth swim instructor

and together we have two young daughters.

     After school, I was commissioned as a submarine officer in the

U.S. Navy and during my seven years of service I deployed four times

in the Pacific. I was a deck officer for the U.S.S. Michigan, which meant

I was responsible for directing the ship’s crew during a variety of high

stakes operations. In addition to my operational role, I was the senior

officer responsible for reviewing and certifying all maintenance on

nuclear, life support, and diving systems. Later in my Naval career, I was selected to lead a public-private partnership to develop new cloud-based software for the Department of Defense.

     I am proud of my leadership experience in the Navy and grateful for the humility and hard work that it taught me. When I received the Navy Commendation Medal at the end of my tour for “positive, steady, and nuanced leadership”, it was the highlight of my early career.

     After the Navy, I transitioned into the private sector and worked for Formlabs Inc, a 3D printing manufacturer in Boston. I led the creation of the company's enterprise sales strategy and led a sales team to develop new business worth millions of dollars from major brand names around the world.

     Most recently, I completed my M.B.A from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College where I focused on general management to compliment my leadership and sales experience.

Amberfield investors are a group of high net-worth individuals and select firms who have decades of experience operating and investing in American businesses. Many of them have been successful CEOs of small and mid size businesses. Together, this group will provide funding and guidance to enable Ryan's purchase and operation of the acquired company.

  • Lucas Braun
  • Tom Cassuett
  • Tyler Coats
  • Jay Davis
  • Jim Feuille
  • Dave Lazier
  • Jason Pananos
  • Kirk Riedinger
  • Ryan Robinson
  • Will Thorndike
  • Doug Tudor
  • Jamie Turner
  • Futaleufu Partners
  • Miramar Equity Partners
  • Pacific Lake Partners
  • Trilogy Search Partners