Our objective

Amberfield is seeking to acquire a small to medium size business in the United States. The acquisition search and company operations will be led by Ryan Turk with capital, expertise, and guidance provided by his group of investors.

Why us

Amberfield is different than other potential business buyers in some important ways, which are advantageous for a business owner seeking liquidity and the opportunity to step back from management responsibilities. We believe in our ability to complete a transaction in a timely, professional, and financially beneficial way for business owners.

The following table outlines how Amberfield is different than other options:

Amberfield Partners

Private Equity Fund

Competitor Acquisition

Time Horizon

Interested in long-term value creation with no preset exit deadline

Interested in short-term value creation and investment exit

Dependent on core business strategy


Full commitment to one company for long term growth. Board of Directors selected from current investor group

One of many portfolio companies.

Company is absorbed into a subsidiary or division of larger entity 

Source of Capital

Institutional and high net worth individual investors with the ability to close quickly

Large pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, and institutions

Diverse base of public and/or private investors

Deal Terms

Flexible terms to ensure interests of all parties involved

​​​Complex; seller usually at a disadvantage dealing against large team

​​​Long term compensation based on future performance

Ownership Transition

Owner can sell their entire stake and transition day-to-day responsibilities

Typically requires 2-3 year commitment and financial stake from owner


Value Creation

Building and growing the company, not manipulating it

Financial engineering, cost-cutting and strategic oversight

Synergies with parent company and cost-cutting

What we're looking for

We understand that each business is unique. That being said, we do have some broad criteria based on our two target business models: services and software. Even if you do not meet every one of these criteria, we are still interested in speaking with you.

Criteria for services businesses

  • U.S. based

  • $2M + in profits

  • 15% + profit margin

  • Growing

  • Recurring revenue

Criteria for software businesses

  • $3M + in ARR

  • Growing

  • Recurring revenue

  • Strong logo retention

Purchase Process

Initial Phone Call

We'll start with a phone call to discuss your business, you goals, and share initial questions and information. 

In-person Meeting

Ryan will travel to your location to meet in person. This is an opportunity to begin a relationship and build trust. An initial price range can be proposed at this time.

Agree on terms

An offer will be made for your business that includes a price and other terms of the agreement such as transition time, etc


Like a pre-purchase home inspection, we will confirm our understanding of the business and its finances.

Complete the sale

The deal will close, you will be paid, and the management transition will begin

If you are interested in speaking with Ryan to determine whether selling your business is a good fit, please use the contact form below. If you know of someone interested in selling their business, please reach out as well. We pay a generous finder's fee for a successful transaction.